The Empire Strikes Back
The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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The Adventure Continues... 1980/5/20 124 min.


The Star Wars is the third movie in the George Lucas trilogy. It stars Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, and Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

Online many people discuss on whether it is better than the first two movies. The thing that you should consider is whether the director at that time, Irvin Kershner, has made another masterpiece or not. At first, the series has been considered the failure, but there are those who still look back on this movie with gratitude.

Online reviews are positive about the movie. Many have described it as a musical, a metaphor of evil, a story of revenge, and a film that have changed the genre of film forever. In fact, many think that it is one of the best movies of all time.

They said this, because it was good, in addition to being well-paced and pleasing to the eye. Some said that this particular trilogy had its share of weaknesses, but this particular film wasn't one of them. In addition, some people thought that the third installment will be the last of the series. This is because of the character of Darth Vader, who is depicted in a more sympathetic light compared to the previous two installments.

This particular film is also of special mention because of the transformation of Luke Skywalker, which is portrayed in such a touching way. It was reported that Ben Burtt created a brand new sound for the use of the famous, "What is the sound?" device, which allowed the character to be portrayed in an entirely different tone. It's well-documented that there were many people who saw The Empire Strikes Back after seeing the previous films, and that the opinions were very similar.

The thing that they are most excited about is the connection between the characters in the movie. Some say that The Empire Strikes Back marked the turning point between the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. When one realizes the amount of character development achieved in this particular movie, they start to appreciate the fact that George Lucas brought in Yoda, Darth Vader, and the Ewoks, all into one story.

However, they are wondering whether there will be another installment in the Saga. With the success of this particular film, many are hoping for the fourth installment. However, as George Lucas mentioned in a certain interview, he wouldn't be too interested in making a movie if there were no good stories in it.

In addition, they also state that it would be unfair for the studio to make another movie. The fans are worried that another sequel may mean another chapter in the saga.

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