Psycho (1960)

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A new—and altogether different—screen excitement! 1960/6/22 109 min.


The Dark Knight is the latest release in the superhero series that started with Batman. This movie is based on the Batman TV series and was inspired by the graphic novel of the same name. The movie was directed by Christopher Nolan, who also wrote and produced the movie.

The Dark Knight is also the last installment of the Batman trilogy which included the Two-Face film and the first appearance of the Joker. It has also been called the conclusion of the Nolan Batman movies trilogy. The last scene of the movie shows the Joker running through the streets of Gotham City. As the Joker is about to hit a street bus, he disappears into thin air leaving a trail of crumbs.

The film is set during the night in Gotham city and mainly involves the Batman and his sidekick, Robin. The first time that they meet was when Batman comes across the Suicide Squad, which is comprised of several criminal masterminds. It is during the battle between these criminal masterminds that the Batman and Robin come into conflict with the Joker.

During the course of the movie, the Joker mocks both Batman and Robin by doing a series of cat fights, kidnapping, killing, or a psycho attack. The main villain is played by Heath Ledger, who plays the role of the Joker in the last scene of the movie. In the comics, The Joker had been around for several years before he was played by Ledger.

While reading the plot, it was hard to believe that the Joker is the primary villain of the movie, but one of the main character's really does turn out to be the Joker. If you have never read the comic book series where the Joker originated from, it is a good idea to look up the story before you watch the movie.

The Joker is the ultimate evil of the movie which makes it even more interesting to watch. The movie deals with many different aspects of the movie like Robin and Batman. While the story revolves around Batman and Robin, one of the characters in the movie is played by Jack Nicholson who plays the Joker.

Another character that is popularly portrayed in the TV series is Barbara Gordon. She is the second Batgirl in the series who comes in between the two versions of the character: Catwoman and Spoiler. In the movie, she plays the role of Batgirl alongside with Batman.

As you can see, The Dark Knight was an excellent movie. I am sure you would like to see the next movie of the trilogy based on The Dark Knight. You can catch it online and maybe watch it during your lunch break or during your free time.

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